“Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better.”

– Unknown 

I always look forward to reading a new novel by Sarah Morgan. When I found out that this story takes place in Paris, my imagination went immediately to romance and wonderful scenery. 

One Summer In Paris is a story about Grace and Audrey from very different backgrounds with differing ages struggling to cope with the cards that life has dealt them. A chance meeting during a summer in Paris brings much enlightenment and inspiration to the pair of them. 

I loved both Grace and Audrey equally but for different reasons. Grace is unsure of herself but motherly and kind whereas, Audrey is defensively brave and witty. This summer in Paris was a different world full of new possibilities and the opening up of old dreams. 

A great read for lovers of family drama and friendship. Read this book and escape to Paris for the summer!

One Summer In Paris is now available to buy on Amazon.


Wow, where did February go? And how is it that it feels like the Christmas holidays were just yesterday? Well, here we are in March, and I haven’t been blogging as much I had hoped to.

Finally, that light at the end of a wintry tunnel is here at last. 4 reasons I’m excited for spring…

1. Longer days.

I can’t wait to finish work and still have a few hours of light outside, to go for a wander or make plans without wanting to collapse on the sofa at 4pm because it feels like midnight!

40847eb6-32c1-42a4-bab2-47964e4be12f2. A whole new wardrobe.

I’m in that annoying in-between stage right now where I can’t stand wearing jeans, but it’s not quite time for midi skirts with bare legs… it’s a nightmare! I’m loving midi wrap dresses, lots of colour, basket bags and sandals… come on Spring, give us some lovely weather!

3. Eating better.

I just give up on eating good in winter and I end up feeling absolutely rubbish – my skin breaks out, my clothes don’t fit as well and I feel like a potato. As soon as the days are brighter, my whole vibe shifts and I want colourful meals packed full of health!

4. Getting more done.

It’s amazing what a bit of light will do for my mood!

It’s definitely my time to shine! I kind of come alive in the warmer seasons, and I’m ready to feel like myself again.

Hope everybody is having a good month. Until next time!


“You all right? his eyes asked.
I’m all right, hers answered.”

– LaVyrle Spencer, Morning Glory


On a recent weekend away to Bath me and my boyfriend popped into a second-hand bookshop, a small shop with shelves stacked high with hundreds of different genres of books.

My favourite types of books are romance novels, so it will come as no surprise that my boyfriend ended up buying me Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer.

The book is about ex-con Will Parker who answers the ad of Elly, a pregnant widow looking for a husband. As Will helps Elly work on her homestead and care for her young children, they develop mutual respect and love.

This is what I call historical romance. It’s realistic, down to earth and absolutely beautiful. It’s a definite must read!


I am absolutely loving Enhancing Your Mind, Body, Spirt a new weekly magazine by De Agostini. It gives weekly tips and tricks on health, herbal remedies, stress relief and spiritual experiences.

The thing I enjoyed reading about this week has been ways to create an ideal sleeping area. Simple changes to the way we use our bedrooms will help us into the habit of drifting off to sleep easily. E.g. the room temperature to the right mattress.


The use of a dream catcher can have a positive effect on the way we dream. Dream catchers protect us from harm while we rest, catching good dreams as they pass by and getting rid of any bad dreams as they drop through the hole in the middle.

I’ve also enjoyed learning about dream pillows. A dream pillow is a herbal sachet filled with aromatic herbs. When squeezed, the dream pillow emits the fragrances of the herbs within to help you drift into a restful sleep.

I have just purchased a herbal sachet that I will be using as a dream pillow from Lu’s Hands.

Lu’s Hands make hand crafted herbal beauty goods. You should check out Lu’s shop, there are so many wonderful handmade products to pick from!

‘Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.’

Sweet dreams,


‘A bad day in New York is still better then a good day anywhere else.’

It’s been over a month since my last blog post as I haven’t been able to put into words all the chaos thats been going through my head. 

With a few days away from work, I have been able to have some time to myself doing things I don’t always get the chance to do and enjoying spending time with loved ones.


So far today I’ve been busy arranging my Christmas flowers, enjoying a home cooked meal and exchanging gifts. I am now sitting here with a cup of tea and reading New York: Through a Fashion Eye by Megan Hess a illustrated guide to one of the world’s most-loved fashion cities, showing you the hottest places to eat, sleep and play.

There is mention of many thrift shops where you can find great vintage pieces and various boutique hotels and restaurants to have a spot of afternoon tea, all added to my to do list ready for my next visit to the city that never sleeps. 

It’s a definite read for any girl who’s heart belongs to New York. 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!