Alright Spring, do your thing

Wow, where did February go? And how is it that it feels like the Christmas holidays were just yesterday? Well, here we are in March, and I haven’t been blogging as much I had hoped to.

Finally, that light at the end of a wintry tunnel is here at last. 4 reasons I’m excited for spring…

1. Longer days.

I can’t wait to finish work and still have a few hours of light outside, to go for a wander or make plans without wanting to collapse on the sofa at 4pm because it feels like midnight!

40847eb6-32c1-42a4-bab2-47964e4be12f2. A whole new wardrobe.

I’m in that annoying in-between stage right now where I can’t stand wearing jeans, but it’s not quite time for midi skirts with bare legs… it’s a nightmare! I’m loving midi wrap dresses, lots of colour, basket bags and sandals… come on Spring, give us some lovely weather!

3. Eating better.

I just give up on eating good in winter and I end up feeling absolutely rubbish – my skin breaks out, my clothes don’t fit as well and I feel like a potato. As soon as the days are brighter, my whole vibe shifts and I want colourful meals packed full of health!

4. Getting more done.

It’s amazing what a bit of light will do for my mood!

It’s definitely my time to shine! I kind of come alive in the warmer seasons, and I’m ready to feel like myself again.

Hope everybody is having a good month. Until next time!



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