Fashionable florals at SHOWstudio 

I popped along to SHOWstudio to view their Fashion Flora exhibition. Fashion Flora presents a look at the use of flowers as a motif in fashion throughout the decades.

The illustrations showcase an array of bulbs or blooms and play tribute to the many designers who have consistently reworked and reconsidered the flower. Pieces by Alexander McQueen, Dries Van Noten and John Galliano, alongside many others, are celebrated.

It’s a short but sweet exhibition, with lots of pretty flowers and fashion illustrations.

‘Every seed grows into something amazing.’



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  1. Terrigirl2017 August 8, 2017 / 1:23 pm

    Hi Lidia, I hope you’re doing well, How is your summer going?☀️ I tried to read your can’ts into cans post but it said that the page cannot be found just to let you know. Have a wonderful day hugs Terri

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