Due to a recent operation I have been restricted to my sofa, endless cups of tea and the complete series boxset of Sex And The City. In the episode I’ve just watched a comment from Mr. Big got me thinking how important laughter is in a relationship.


“After a while, you just want to be with the one who makes you laugh.”

– Mr. Big

Is what he says to the shows leading lady Carrie Bradshaw. And I couldn’t agree more with him!

There is nothing better than laughing with your partner, it relaxes you and lets you really be present in the moment. You will unravel another side of each other, the playful, fun side that gives a break from the more serious part of life.

One of the many things I am thankful for in my relationship is my boyfriend’s sense of humour. His laughter is as genuine as his heart and that is a quality that is near impossible to find. He brings out the best in me and makes me forget about all of my worries, doubts and fears.



Reading the final page of The Cosy Seaside Chocolate Shop as left me craving chocolates and glass of bubbly. What a treat this book is! 

This is the second book in Caroline Roberts Cosy Chocolate Shop series, it’s lovely to go back to the seaside village and hear more about Emma and her latest goings-on in the seaside chocolate shop. 


I loved reading about Emma’s chocolate shop in the first book and this is the perfect continuation of that book. Same delightful town, friendly willing to lend a hand neighbours and the best part the chocolate in the shop. Emma has more flavours than ever and with hosting parties at her shop and an outdoor patio and courtyard to serve customers what could possibly go wrong? Full of surprises an absolutely brilliant book from the first page! 

I love the way Caroline captures the community spirit so well and fills her book with the loveliest characters who I connected with from the start. This was such a sweet story and I look forward to future releases from Caroline.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

– Charles M. Schulz

The Cosy Seaside Chocolate Shop is now available to buy on Amazon. 


Opening the book to Sarah Morgan’s note saying her latest novel How To Keep A Secret was a departure for her dealing with broader relationships and not being part of a series as other books have been, I was curious to see how this differs from her previous novels.

how to keep a secret

I am happy to say that How To Keep A Secret doesn’t disappoint! The book is about three generations of women in the same family who come together after tragedy and loss. As the title suggests this book deals with secrets, with more and more unravelling as the story goes along.

I was drawn into the story and began to care for them and their developing relationships. Although there is plenty of heartbreak wrapped within these pages, there is also love, tenderness and togetherness.

The book takes place mainly in Martha’s Vineyard, a harbour town with sandy beaches. The perfect backdrop to this must have holiday read!

A throughly enjoyable read that I can highly recommend.

How To Keep A Secret is now available to buy on Amazon.


I’ve just returned from a lovely overnight stay to Rye, a chocolate box of a town, perched on a hill-top in East Sussex.

Filled with antique and vintage boutiques, bars and quirky restaurants, it’s the perfect destination for a day trip or even a long, lazy weekend with lots of visual delights to inspire you.

Our first stop was lunch at The Cobbles Tea Room, a quaint tea room tucked away down a pretty little lane. The houses and shops all around were draped with stunning swathes of purple buds. Wisteria hysteria at it’s best!

We returned to Jeake’s House an ivy-covered, 16th-century building where we were staying to freshen up for our evening out. We had dinner at The Globe Inn Marsh a pub with fantastic interior, food, and the widest selection of gin I’ve ever seen.

I really enjoyed my day exploring Rye with my love. More memories made and moments treasured.

“I will follow you my love, to the edge of all our days, to our very last tomorrows.”

– Atticus Poetry


I’ve seen first-hand recently that life gets harder as you get older. I’ve also realised the only way to get through what life throws at you is by doing so with a positive attitude and a smile.

I’ve also realised that the little things in life aren’t really little. They become an important quality of our days and they create the life we live.

We need to open our eyes to the details and relish in what we see. Enjoy the little things that are happening around us, because it’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.


No matter how small, start something that matters. You can start anything…

1. Thinking supportive thoughts.

Anything that has ever been established in this world always began as a thought, an idea.

2. Getting clear.

On what you want and on how you want to be doing it.

3. Following your heart.

Your dreams, your happiness, or your own inner wisdom.

4. Expressing yourself.

And being yourself.

5. Truly caring.

About how you show up in the world each day, and making a commitment to living as many moments as possible with presence, gratitude and awe.

“If you appreciate the small things, you’re likely to get the bigs ones.”

– Jonas Eriksson